Custom software development

Company Vedius Soft s.r.o. offers services of a full cycle of software engineering - from the analysis of technical practicability of the project and requirements of the customer to the launch and the technical support service of the developed system. Engineering of the custom-built software is held in our company in some stages:
The analysis and specification of requirements
We discuss with the customer a task statement, we specify and co-ordinate functions of the future system and we work out the software requirements specification to the project. The system functions, the service conditions, the used software and the supposed load to the system are described in the requirements specification. Besides a system analyst, the future system designer takes part in working out of the requirements specification, he defines the general concept of the system and selects suitable blocks and components.
On the basis of the requirements specification the project manager defines the basic development cycles, formulates terms and the structure of intermediate system versions. The timetable of the project realisation is made. A selection of experts to the design group is carried out, necessary resources and hardware are singled out.
System designing
Designing of the consistent system architecture is the second important stage after the building of the requirements specification. At this stage the database structure is projected, the basic system objects are defined, the system kernel is put and a number of other actions directed to the preparation to the beginning of the system functions programming is carried out.
Building of the system
Since the initial moment of the engineering we are at the continuous control and monitoring of the system-in-progress condition. The standard time of the intermediate versions release is once in two weeks. We practise the method of the working capacity preservation during the system engineering, it means we can not only show the working version to the customer, but also discuss the convenience of the user interface, correct if necessary the structure of executable system functions and keep the customer intimately in contact with system engineering.
Testing and debugging
After the finishing of the engineering the system goes to the testing department. Besides corresponding to the requirements specification, we test every function of the system within the functional testing limits, and also we hold the loading testing of correspondence with productivity requirements. In some cases we execute special kinds of use-case testing. Every detected defect is documented in an issue-tracking system, and after its correction is checked again by the expert of quality assurance.
Installation and launching
The complited system is placed on a working platform of the customer. The correspondence to surrounding technical and program components is checked, final testing is held. The complete set of the system supply includes maintenance instructions. At the moment of putting into operation we are provide technical support in real time.
Support and after-launch service
The life cycle of the developed system includes an after-launch service. Changes coordinated with the customer can be made to the system, new modules can be developed or the existing can be added.