We build
Web-applications, social networks, sites and portals
We provide custom software development for the business automation, we create web sites and portals of various degree of complexity, we build social networking sites. Among our services there are also complete solutions, a search engine optimisation (SEO) and an advancement of resources, a technical projects development and a consultation in the field of software engineering and management of projects.
How we work
We conduct software development on the basis of the software requirement specification. We pass consistently stages of the specification of an idea, of the requirement specification construction, designing of the system, planning and scheduling, engineering and debugging of the software product, mounting and putting into operation. Our peculiarity is the reliable after launch service of the systems developed by us, modification on your demand, developing of additional modules.
What we can
We can solve any problems in software engineering. We can work well organized and attain our object, put out decisions precisely in time and with the maintenance of technical requirements. Our professional team has a versatile complex grounding, and we apply our knowledges and abilities in our work with pleasure. If you have only an idea - come to us and we will make your idea a reality!